As the leader of a corporate enterprise, it’s so important to make your employees feel happy and relaxed.

This is true from the top brass all the way down to entry-level employees. Burnout costs companies $300 billion in insurance, missed time, turnover, and medical costs.

There are various ways to elevate the employee experience, one of which has to do with how they get to and from important meetings and functions. With a corporate shuttle service, your employees can arrive in style without any of the stress of getting there.

Today, we’re going to tell you 3 signs that you could use corporate shuttle services. Whether you’re holding a conference with top industry professionals or you’re taking your entire office to a corporate retreat, keep reading and you’ll see how a shuttle service can play a major role in time management, safety, and team building.

1. You’ve Got Time Management Issues

One of the best reasons to hire a corporate shuttle service is to ensure the timeliness of your arrival at a particular event. It doesn’t matter if you’re holding your own corporate retreat or you’ve got a group of employees attending a trade show, being on time is important.

When you leave employees to their own devices, time becomes a factor. One person could encounter traffic on the freeway, while another one could experience train delays. With a professional shuttle service, you’ll ensure timely arrival at your event.

Part of what you get when you hire a chauffeur service is a deep understanding of the local area. If there are any delays on major routes, they’ll be able to audible and still get your team to where they need to go.

Another perk of having a shuttle is that you can prepare for your meetings on the fly. Instead of your top brass having to take themselves, requiring them to focus on driving or moving from station to station, they can work together in the shuttle on last-minute issues.

This ability to maintain and stay on top of your busy schedule is an important factor in the success of your company. Everyone has to make time for travel, but when time management starts to become an issue, you have to figure out ways to combat it. Corporate shuttle services are an important piece of the time management puzzle.

2. You’re Worried About the Safety and Comfort of Your Employees

If you’ve got employees flying into Chicago from other parts of the country, or even abroad, you have to look after them. Even with modern tools like taxis and Uber, there’s plenty of room for error in a new city that they aren’t familiar with.

The least you can do to ease their minds is send a shuttle service to pick them up from the airport. From there, you can have them chauffeured right to the office or their hotel so they can settle in. This completely prevents any mishaps, such as getting lost, harassed, or anything else that may jeopardize your employees.

All of our shuttle drivers undergo thorough background checks. They receive intense training that allows them to provide friendly and efficient service to you and your employees. When someone travels for work, they should be welcomed to the new city with open arms.

It can be tough for people to stay calm and relaxed when they’re traveling for corporate retreats or conferences. By making them feel comfortable while in transit, a shuttle service helps to ensure the best performance from your employees.

At Olsen Transportation Inc./Midwest Motorcoach, our dependable fleet of vehicles is equipped with comfortable seating. We also have onboard WiFi, air conditioning, and restrooms to help mitigate the stressors of work travel.

Our safe, friendly, and reliable drivers will make sure that your people get where they need to go on time. If you want the best shuttle service in Chicagoland, contact us today to receive a free quote.

3. You’re Team Building With Corporate Retreats

There’s no denying that planning a corporate retreat can be stressful. That said, in a post-pandemic world, face-to-face meetings at corporate events are proven to boost organizational communication and creativity. They’re also amazing for team building and overall company morale.

No matter where you’re going for your corporate retreat, you need an efficient way to get there. Having everyone make their own way to the destination might save the company a bit of money in travel costs, but it’ll cost you wasted time. It’ll also cost your employees, which might lower morale.

So, which is more valuable? When you hire a corporate shuttle, you’ll be surprised how affordable it really is to get a group of employees to your retreat location. On the way, they’ll be able to interact, talk about important business matters, and build anticipation for an exciting retreat.

You always want to start a corporate retreat off by setting a positive tone. Making the travel plans simple for attendees is a great way to do that. Have everyone meet at a particular location, then let your chauffeur do the rest.

With the best shuttle service in the area, you’ll always get to and from your retreat safely and in a timely manner. We’ve got a wide fleet of vehicles to accommodate however many employees you’re hosting. The vehicles contain reclining seats, climate control, and DVD players, so you’ll be able to truly start your retreat off on the right foot.

Get Corporate Shuttle Service in Chicagoland

If any of these signs pertain to your business and future plans, it’s time to start planning your corporate shuttle service. At Olsen Transportation Inc/Midwest Motorcoach, we’ve been serving midwest companies for over 65 years.

Visit our website to view our corporate shuttle services and when you’re ready to start planning your event, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a quote for your transportation. Our safe and reliable transportation services are second to none and we’ll ensure your event goes off without a hitch.