Chicago Mini Tour Bus Rentals

Tours can be some of the most exciting adventures you will ever take, and there are numerous events from which you can choose. Whether you want to take a local bus tour with a large group or a long distance trip with your extended family, Midwest Motorcoach can provide both the transportation and the drivers to make your trip safe, comfortable, and memorable.

Small Luxury Tour Bus Rentals with Driver

Midwest Motorcoach has provided a wide variety of transportation options for numerous types of tours over the years. Some of these include:

Shopping Tours: There’s nothing quite like venturing out into the city of Chicago for some shopping as a group, but if you live hours away, it can be difficult to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. Chartering a bus or motor coach is a great alternative to having everyone drive separately.

Historical Tours: Many places throughout the Midwest are steeped in history and tradition. For example, touring Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home or even Native American burial mounds can be an experience of a lifetime.

Winery Tours: Visiting wineries in your local area can not only help you discover new favorites, but it can also give you the opportunity to support local businesses.

Factory Tours: You can even schedule a tour with a group to see how your favorite candy is made or visit a local brewery. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Benefits of Chartering a Mini Tour Bus for your Chicago Tour

Midwest Motorcoach’s chartered buses and coaches offer you an outstanding alternative to independent travel for group tours in Chicago. When you travel as a group, you can rest assured that everyone will arrive at the right destination at the right time, and no one will be late to the group due to traffic or getting lost. When you choose to hire a driver, you can also enjoy the road trip and get to know the others in your tour rather than focusing primarily on the road. Our buses and coaches provide all the amenities you need, including climate control, Wi-Fi access, onboard restrooms, and even ample storage depending on your needs.

Packages Built around Your Preferences

At Midwest Motorcoach, we understand that there is no cookie-cutter approach to the perfect travel arrangements. While some groups need a large tour bus, others prefer a roomy and luxurious (but much smaller) mini coach, instead. We build our travel packages around your needs and preferences, no matter how many people will be included in your tour, the number of stops you want to make, or even the destination within our area of operation. We work hard to fit your specifications and budget.

If you are planning a group tour and you are interested in renting or chartering a bus or a motor coach, contact us today. We can provide you with the perfect vehicle with the best driver at a price that is right for your budget no matter what your individual needs may be.

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