We understand: while planning an event can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. There is a ton of planning required for an event to go off without a hitch. While it’s important to get the details right, safety comes first. Getting your guests to and from the venue safely may not feel like your responsibility, but it is! This is why it makes sense to hire a professorial charter service.

Hire a professorial charter service for Guests

1. Safety First

Are there elderly guests coming from out of town? Will people be drinking? You – not the venue – are responsible for their safety. Using a charter bus rental is far safer for everyone. Allow your guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the day with you. Charter bus drivers are hired because of their extensive levels of driving experience. Plus, safety ratings are typically higher for charter bus companies than most other forms of road transport.


2. Stress Less

Stressful situations can arise from travel; procrastinating leaving the house, directions, having enough gas, traffic, stopping to use the restroom, speed cameras, finding parking (close to the venue), paying for parking, being late, communicating where you are… the list goes on and on! Enable everyone to be happily on time using a shuttle service. Or perhaps you’d like group photos at multiple locations. We can’t promise we’ll know how to work the shutter, but we can promise to get you wherever you want to go – together!


3. Keep Costs Down

Keeping costs affordable is a very kind gesture to your guests. Individual transportation costs would add up quickly; gas, tolls, parking, not to mention, time and energy – especially if the venue is far from home. With Midwest Motorcoach, you won’t have to worry about you or your guests covering parking costs, or having everyone pay so much to reach your destination.


4. Travel in Comfort

Another distinct advantage of traveling by charter bus is that you can opt for restroom facilities on board. This prevents unscheduled delays, and activities consequently getting pushed back (or missed) for everyone. In addition, comfortable seating, personal A/C, and extra storage space will allow your guests to travel in comfort and luxury.


5. Environmental Impacts

Over the past decade, people (Midwest included) have become more aware of how our actions affect our environment. Using a charter bus instead of having each guest travel to a destination in separate vehicles is a major way we can work together to minimize our footprint. Let’s limit the number of vehicles on the road and carbon emissions being released into our earth’s atmosphere.


Our travelers have often found our coach service (and friendly staff) to have been a necessary inclusion in their budget and overall success of the event. We’d be happy to discuss charter bus options for you and your guests. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you make your next social event a memorable one.