Chicago is known as the windy city, and while it certainly lives up to this reputation – especially in late autumn and winter – it’s a city that has plenty of family-friendly activities, sights, and amenities to offer. If you’re considering a Chicago tour on your next vacation, chartered VIP transportation can take the experience to the next level. Here’s how.

VIP Transportation Includes the Driver

It’s one thing to rent a car to see the sights that Chicago has to offer, but it’s something else entirely to choose chartered VIP transportation that includes a driver. After all, if you’re enjoying Chicago for the first time, driving the vehicle yourself can take you away from the sights. Furthermore, because of the sheer size of Chicago, it’s easy to get turned around or stuck in traffic – even if you use GPS. Choosing chartered transportation is the best way to avoid these issues, and it allows you to truly take it all in while someone else does the driving. Choose safe, reputable companies that screen their drivers carefully for the best possible experience. 

You Can Ride in Luxury

While it’s true that you could always rent a luxury vehicle for your Chicago vacation, it’s even more luxurious when you charter the vehicle and let someone else do the driving. Imagine driving through the streets of Chicago in a decked-out mini motorcoach complete with all the amenities you could want instead of your family car or a rental. It’s just another way to ensure that your family makes memories that can last a lifetime – and that they have plenty of legroom, too. Choosing chartered vehicles that offer plenty of seating and options will serve you well throughout your vacation. 

Access to Extras

Chartered VIP transportation is much more than a driver picking you up in a snazzy, decked-out vehicle to drive you around to every destination you choose. In fact, if you choose the right vehicle, you can get access to everything you might need while you’re on the road. Some options include upgraded climate control systems that keep everyone comfortable, onboard restrooms for avoiding unnecessary stops along the way, onboard Wi-Fi access to ensure that you can share photos with friends and loved ones no matter where you might be, and even additional storage to safely keep your family’s belongings as you travel. 

It’s Great for Making Memories

Chartered VIP transportation includes a safe driver, plenty of amenities, and a sharp vehicle with plenty of room to stretch your legs. The most important benefit of hiring a chartered transportation service, though, isn’t tangible. To put it simply, chartering a vehicle to cover all your transportation needs provides you with access to extras that are bound to make your trip more comfortable, convenient and exciting – and that’s how you make memories on vacation. 

Chartered VIP transportation can take you from your home into the city of Chicago or even pick you up at Chicago O’Hare if you are planning to fly in from another part of the country or world. From there, it’s all about seeing the sights and ensuring that you and your family can experience everything that makes Chicago one of the most beloved tourist destinations in America.