Corporate VIP transportation is an excellent choice for one or more people who require specific amenities while traveling to and from airports, hotel rooms, or a wide variety of other destinations. Although each group and company’s needs vary somewhat, there are five things that every corporate VIP transportation vehicle should be equipped with. You can read more about them below. 

A Safe Driver

No matter how far you are traveling, and no matter what type of vehicle you choose to get you to your destination, other amenities don’t matter if you don’t have a safe and courteous driver behind the wheel. Drivers should be certified and/or licensed to operate the vehicles they drive, but beyond that, they should also be pre-screened for any prior traffic violations, accidents, and other incidents. They should be familiar with the area they are traveling to, and they should be able to answer their guests’ questions about lodging, dining, and activities, as well. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Though regular maintenance and cleaning aren’t exactly amenities, they should never be overlooked. After all, no one wants to be picked up from the airport in a vehicle that is odorous or dirty, and they certainly don’t want to spend their time sitting in a poorly maintained vehicle that refuses to start – or worse, one that breaks down on the side of the freeway. When you choose a corporate transportation company, choose one that provides clean and well-maintained vehicles. 

Internet Access

In a corporate setting, there’s a good chance you and your party will need to conduct business while on the road, whether that involves making telephone calls or even attending video conferences with other team members. True VIP transportation should provide access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi service that allows you to conduct whatever kind of business is important to you and your company. Your business doesn’t stop while you are traveling, so choose a company that can keep you connected 100% of the time. 

Effective Climate Control

A vehicle with climate control is one thing, but a vehicle with effective climate control is something else entirely – especially for larger vehicles. It’s important to ensure that you choose a company that offers vehicles with climate control systems that keep every member of your party comfortable in any kind of weather. Chicago and Southern Wisconsin winters can be cold, but the inside of your luxury vehicle should not be. 

Onboard Restrooms

Finally, corporate VIP transportation should come equipped with one or more onboard restrooms, particularly on longer trips. Anyone involved in running a business knows that time is money, and time shouldn’t be spent looking for a restroom along the route. Onboard restrooms reduce the number of stops required and provide a more productive atmosphere in general. 

Regardless of the size of your party or the type of vehicle you choose, it’s important to consider all these amenities a priority. It all starts with a clean, well-maintained vehicle that is both comfortable and reliable – and one that is being driven by a safe and trustworthy driver.