With all the studies proving just how beneficial regular vacations can be, more families than ever are finding new and innovative ways to enjoy their summer vacations together. If you have a large family, or if you want to travel with your extended family to your vacation spot, the benefits associated with renting a coach or bus, rather than driving separately (or even flying), may surprise you.

Benefits of Renting a Coach or a Bus

The Road Trip is Half the Fun!
One of the best reasons to think about renting a coach or bus for your large family vacation is the fact that the road trip is often just as fun and memorable as the vacation itself. Plan your route and sightseeing with your family, and enjoy one another’s company as you travel! Many families play games, take scenic routes, or even stop at world-famous sightseeing spots (without the hassle of parking, walking, or waiting in line) to create an even more exciting experience, and relaxing when it needs to be. Road trips are undeniable fun, but for the people who get stuck driving, it is monotonous and exhausting. Allow a licensed and certified driver to provide you and your family with stress-free travel. Focus on having fun with your family, and less on road safety and time. Our drivers are trained to get you and your family to your destination safely, so you can make your vacation the best it can possibly be.


Enjoy Luxury Amenities
No matter the size of your family, you can choose from a wide selection of vehicles with numerous luxury amenities. This includes: on-board restrooms, WiFi access, personal climate control, and more. When you choose to rent a vehicle with all of these features, it makes for a far more comfortable and therefore enjoyable experience. Whether you are traveling in or venturing out of state, we have the best travel option for you. Coaches, mini-coaches, and even ADA vehicles are available.


Save Money on Tickets and Fuel
Finally, if you are looking for ways to save money on your family vacation, renting a bus or coach is an excellent option. Taking one vehicle, rather than two or more, cuts down on fuel and travel costs. You and your family will have plenty of storage space and legroom, which makes the entire trip a better experience for everyone.


No matter where or when your family getaway is, a coach or van, and driver, are both practical and luxurious options for getting to your destination. There are numerous options with a variety of amenities, so no matter the size of your family or your budget, there is a bus or coach that will perfectly fit your needs.