Are you planning a dreamy Chicagoland bachelorette party?

Don’t forget about transportation!

Coaches (and mini coaches) do more than transport guests to and from the event space. The right transportation really ties bachelorette parties together. This means you can get the party started well before the event even begins.

If you’re traveling long distances, booking a large bachelorette party shuttle is even better. This also means you should put plenty of thought into choosing the best mode of transportation for your party.

Check out the tips below to find the ideal transportation for your event.

How Many Guests Are Going to Your Bachelorette Party?

First, consider the number of people attending the party.

If your guest count ranges between 15 and 31 people (or under 15), a mini-coach is a great choice.

This type of bachelorette party transportation can hold up to 31 guests comfortably. They’re also designed for fun nights on the town. It’s definitely something to consider if you’re planning on club hopping or visiting multiple party venues.

The mini coach is equipped with wifi so that your guests don’t have to use up their phone data when taking selfies. This also means you can fire up your bachelorette party YouTube playlist over Wifi as well. You can also watch your favorite Netflix shows if you’re bracing for several miles of travel.

The smaller bachelorette charter bus comes complete with a bathroom. Your guests will definitely appreciate that. Plus, you don’t have to worry about pulling over, which is great if you’re pressed for time.

Temperature-controlled party shuttles also make for more pleasant experiences, especially if you’re driving long distances to an event space.

Mini coaches still have plenty of space for bringing snacks, beverages, decorations, and games on board. However, if you need more space, you can always upgrade to a larger party bus that can hold up to 55 guests.

Like this mini coach, the large coach bus is also temperature controlled. Guests can still enjoy a complementary bathroom, wifi, and comfortable seating. Plus, there’s even more room for guests to walk around and stretch their legs, which is ideal for long trips.

Remember to send out save-the-dates for your bachelorette party. This step is standard procedure for wedding season, but they also make the bachelorette party-planning process much easier. You should know well in advance how many people are attending the party so that you can book the proper shuttle size.

Plan Ahead When Booking Transportation for Bachelorette Parties

One common mistake people make is waiting until the last minute to book transportation. It helps to make it a part of your party-planning process from the very beginning. Establishing a shuttle contact from the get-go streamlines the process as well.

For example, by simply calling Olson Transportation from the beginning, you can work with a manager who can recommend the best transportation, routes, and schedules to ensure a smooth experience without any bumps in the road.

Timing is an important factor to consider when booking transportation.

You have to think about:

  • Traffic
  • Weather
  • Picking up guests
  • Time required to get to a venue
  • Potential road incidents

Look at future weather forecasts for any anticipated snow storms, rainfall, hail, and other conditions. You also have to think about time windows. For example, after-work rush hour or local events may cause potential traffic jams.

Consider your guests’ own schedules when scheduling your party transportation. Your guests likely have varying work and personal schedules. This point also speaks to the importance of sending out save-the-dates in advance.

Communication and Organization Is Key

Last-minute cancellations and lack of communication can throw bachelorette parties off track. You can avoid this problem by staying organized and connected with guests.

If you’re in charge of planning a bachelorette party, you’ll have to step into a leadership role. For example, create a Facebook group early, adding Facebook friends who are on the guest list. Alternatively, you can use email, group texting, or Skype (or zoom) calls to stay connected.

Make sure to add transportation to your complete bachelorette party to-do list.

Other items to include:

  • Event venue time
  • Decorations
  • Food and beverages
  • Games
  • Invitations and save-the-dates
  • Expected travel time
  • Pick-up times

Communicate your travel itinerary with your booking manager, coach driver, and party guests. Rest assured, you’ll have an experienced transportation driver who will adhere to the schedule and get your party to the venue safely.

Setting a budget from the start also streamlines the process. If you’re tasked with planning, talk to the bride and guests about a proper budget for the entire experience. This is another reason to create a detailed itinerary at the very start of your planning.

Factor in transportation rates, along with the costs of the following:

  • Bachelorette party favor bags (and goodies!)
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Party bus decorations (and venue decor)
  • Venue rental rates

There are plenty of guides online to help you budget for bachelorette parties so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Make the Most Out of Your Bachelorette Party Transportation

You already learned about the importance of having certain amenities on board like bathrooms, spacious walkways, comfy seating, and temperature control. These create an excellent foundation for a complete party bus experience.

Don’t forget to make the ultimate bachelorette party playlist for your guests. This is the best way to get your guests in the party spirit.

Coaches (and mini coaches) also have plenty of room for fun games like Pictionary, The Newlywed Game, Bachelorette Balderdash, and more.

Even better, you have enough room to throw a full-on bridal shower on the road. Remind your guests to bring gifts and any other items needed for games.

Get the Party Started On the Road!

Don’t wait until you get to the venue to kickstart your bachelorette party.

Book the ideal bachelorette party transportation so that you can start making memories on the road. Keep these tips handy as you brainstorm your party itinerary, guest list, and transportation needs.

Are you ready to book your party bus rental now?

Olson Transportation wants to help make your night a success. Learn more about our services for bachelorette parties or give us a call right now to talk to an expert.