Are you ready to party like it’s 1999 this summer? You’re in good company.

Summer is one of the top seasons to throw parties thanks to the sunny weather and fun holidays (such as July 4th). To make yours stand out this year, consider renting a party bus.

With party bus rental, you don’t have to stick to one location. Instead, you can take the party on the road. Let’s explore what you (and your guests) will love about partying it up on a party bus.

Keep the Party Going

A major reason to consider hiring a party bus is that you can host several fun activities in one place on the road.

For instance, you can easily serve cocktails and sangrias for all the libation lovers on the bus. For guests who don’t drink, consider pouring up mocktails. You can also host games that will keep your guests entertained for hours.

Many party buses also have the following types of features to further add to the fun:

  • Sound systems
  • Big-screen televisions
  • Ambient lighting

With party bus rental, the party can keep going for as long as you want. This makes a party bus the perfect place for a bachelorette or bachelor party. It can also be perfect for corporate events or outside-of-the-box shindigs with family and friends.

Party buses work well for birthday parties, proms, and even high school reunions, too.

Hit Up Every Spot You Want

Another reason to use a party bus is that it will make it easy for you and your guests to hit several places during your party.

Simply list the places you’d like your party bus driver to take you. These places may range from concert venues to bars and nightclubs. Then, enjoy food, drinks, games, and entertainment between your destinations.

Let’s say you’ll be taking a party bus around a city you’re not familiar with. A reputable party bus driver will know the city well, so they’ll get you to your target locations with zero issues. They might even suggest a few other locations where you’ll enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Since the driver will be handling the transportation, you won’t have to endure the stress of finding parking spots or navigating traffic. Instead, you and your guests can ride in comfort and style, feeling like VIPs.

Invite More People to Party With You

Yet another reason to use a party bus is that it will let you take more people on the road with you than you could with a cab or ride-sharing program.

A party bus can fit between 20 and 30 people. This makes party buses perfect for hosting events with big groups.

You could host a party in one place and ask your guests to drive separately to your event, but they may not get there at the same time. Some guests may get lost, and others may battle bad traffic. Other guests might have a hard time finding a parking place.

Party buses eliminate this uncertainty and stress. Simply give your guests the party bus pickup time and location. Even if a few guests get to the bus late, you and your guests can keep partying with drinks and games as you wait for them.

You’ll Have a Built-In Designated Driver

When you hire a party bus, no one in your group has to be the event’s designated driver (DD). This means everybody can enjoy the festivities and relax more.

This is important given that around 37 individuals in the US die in alcohol-related crashes every day. That’s one individual nearly every 40 minutes. More than 13,000 people passed away in these types of crashes in 2021.

You’ll never have to worry about drunk driving ruining your event or your loved ones’ lives when you use a party bus.

Save on Parking

Finally, party bus rental can save you and your guests money.

Parking at venues can quickly add up. That’s because you and your fellow partiers may have to use a nearby parking garage. Alternatively, you may have to pay for spaces at parking meters.

If you’re planning to move to various locations during your party, this can make your parking situation even more complicated.

However, a party bus will simply drop you and your guests off at each of your destinations. No one has to pay for parking. Simply split the expense of the party bus instead.

Important Party Bus Considerations

If you’re thinking about hiring a party bus, planning is critical to ensure a smooth partying experience.

Check your party busy company’s availability for your target party dates, and book a bus as soon as possible. Try to book a vehicle at least 30 days in advance. Then, use this time to view the bus and explore the amenities offered with it.

In addition, have your guests RSVP for the event right away so you can get an accurate attendee count. This will help you choose the right bus size for all of your party guests.

How We Can Help With Party Bus Rental

Party bus rental offers several benefits, including allowing you and your guests to party non-stop. A party bus will also let you bring more partiers with you. You can also avoid the stress of navigating traffic to get to a party location.

At Olson Transportation Inc./ Midwest Motorcoach, we take pride in offering high-quality party bus rental services. You can take advantage of our coaches and mini-coaches. We also offer ADA vehicles.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our rental services, and get your party started today!