Traveling with a group can be a lot of fun, whether you’re going on a vacation a few states away for a week or you’ll be attending an all-day professional conference an hour from home. Though there are certainly plenty of different forms of transportation, a chartered motor coach offers benefits above and beyond your standard car, truck, or van. Here are five of the most popular events for chartered motor coaches – and the reasons why, too.

Popular Events For Chartered Motor Coaches

#1 – A Girls’ or Guys’ Night Out

One of the most popular events that triggers people to hire chartered motor coaches is a night out on the town, such as a bachelor or bachelorette party. In most cases, you and your friends and family would agree to meet up in a specific place, which is often a bit of a drive for everyone. With a chartered motor coach, the benefits are clear: you can all travel to your destination together, you have a safe and licensed designated driver at the ready, and you don’t have to pay for parking individually, either.

#2 – Professional/Work-Related Events

If you and your employees or colleagues will be traveling to a conference, workshop, or other event, there are several hurdles you’ll need to overcome. First, you will have to get everyone there at the same time and place. Some employees may choose to carpool, but for the most part, people will travel individually. This means everyone will need to pay for fuel, fight traffic, and pay for parking – and they’ll still need to arrive at the convention center or other location at roughly the same time as everyone else. A chartered motor coach can solve all of these issues, and if you choose to ask everyone to chip in toward the cost, it will likely cost less than their individual fuel and parking.

#3 – Family Vacations

Many people all across the Midwest look forward to their annual family vacations, but they don’t always look forward to the long road trips where most of the time is spent driving instead of simply enjoying the time together. Chartering a motor coach is an excellent alternative, and it gives you a birds-eye view of the scenery, too. With restrooms onboard and even Wi-Fi access, you can share photos of the trip on social media with ease, and you won’t have to find a rest area each time someone needs to take a restroom break, either.

#4 – Tours

Taking a group of people on a tour of your hometown (or even another city across the Midwest) is an excellent way to make their visit an unforgettable one. By far, the best way to experience any city – including cities like Chicago – is by riding in a chartered motor coach. Rather than trying to focus on traffic while pointing out attractions, you can simply show your guests the town. The driver will be more than happy to stick to your itinerary, so be sure to plan a stop for lunch and some shopping, too.

#5 – School Events

Whether your school’s team is heading to play in the state finals or your want to take your classroom on a field trip they’ll never forget, a chartered motor coach is an excellent option. Unlike other forms of transportation, these coaches give you access to onboard Wi-Fi, restrooms, and more. You can get to your destination with fewer stops, and because you’ll all be able to access the internet, you and your class can learn more about the subject of your trip as you’re in transit. It truly is the best way to travel a long distance with children, and as always, their safety comes first.

As you can see, there are plenty of occasions in which chartering a motor coach can make an event less frustrating, more comfortable, and even more affordable depending on the circumstances. Whether it’s a group of adults traveling for work or for fun or even a group of children going on a once-in-a-lifetime field trip, a chartered coach can help you get there safely, on time, and most importantly, together.