Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for spring breaks, vacations, and road trips. Believe it or not, you don’t have to travel to the coast or even to the mountains to make lifelong memories. There are several popular road trip destinations right here in the Midwest that offer plenty to see, do, and experience. 

Popular Road Trip Destinations in The Midwest

The Grand Portage Waterfall (Minnesota)

Though it isn’t quite as grand as Niagara Falls, the Grand Portage Waterfall is certainly within road trip distance – and it’s an unforgettable sight. It’s located on Minnesota’s North Shore, which runs along the Lake Superior coast from the Canada border to Duluth, and aside from the waterfall, you can also experience plenty of other smaller waterfalls, wildflowers as far as the eye can see, and plentiful wildlife – especially later in the spring. There’s also plenty of camping, fishing, kayaking, and more for families or groups that prefer an outdoor experience. 

The Keweenaw Peninsula (Michigan)

Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is the northernmost part of the state, and the locals often call it “Copper Country” due to the gorgeous copper color found in the rocks and cliffs. In fact, if you choose to make this road trip, make sure that you’ve included a day trip to Copper Harbor on your itinerary. While you’re there, you can participate in a three-hour boat ride to Isle Royale National Park. It’s a deserted island with not even a single road, which is perfect for exploring. There’s no other place like it anywhere in the country, and it’s right here in the Midwest. 

Indiana Dunes

When you think of Indiana, you probably think of it as a flyover state filled with nary more than corn fields and crops, but the truth is that Indiana has a lot to offer – if you know where to look. Indiana Dunes is one of the most underrated road trip destinations in the country. It’s essentially one giant park that includes woods, beaches, and massive sand dunes spread over 15,000 incredible acres. Go ahead and spend some time enjoying all that Lake Michigan has to offer while you’re there, too! Kayaking, fishing, and even camping are all wonderful in the spring. 

Lake Forest, Illinois

For those who Iive in and around the Chicago area, Lake Forest may not seem like an exciting road trip destination. However, it’s home to about 450 acres of historic parks, and you can also walk along nearly four miles of the Lake Michigan shoreline. The real reason to check out Lake Forest is the architecture, though; taking a stroll through the older parts of the city feels almost like strolling through the English countryside. In fact, the Deer Path Inn is an Old English manor that even serves afternoon tea! 

Hocking Hills, Ohio

Hocking Hills is located in the Ohio countryside, and while it may not really seem like anyone’s first choice for a vacation or road trip destination, it’s one you really have to see to believe. There are incredibly high cliffs, impossibly deep gorges, and numerous waterfalls that will leave you awestricken from the time you arrive until the time you leave. There’s plenty for adults and children alike, but the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls is especially popular among the ladies who want to escape their busy lives and enjoy a day (or weekend!) of pampering. 

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