In many cases, renting a motor coach or bus is a great option. It allows you plenty of room to stretch and move, and you can go with a luxury option for maximum enjoyment, or keep it simple if you’re on a budget. Below are five questions you should always ask before you rent a coach bus anywhere in the Midwest.

Here are 5 Questions To Ask:

#1 – Does the Quote Provided Include All Fees?
Aside from renting or chartering a coach or bus, other fees are likely to come up from time to time. Parking fees, especially in North Chicago, can get quite costly – as can traveling on toll roads. When renting a bus, be sure to ask about things like tolls and parking fees. Some companies include them, but others don’t; in some cases, you may be able to purchase a package that includes these.


#2 – What Happens if Our Coach Breaks Down?
There’s nothing worse than being out on the road with a broken-down coach. It is good practice for businesses to keep their vehicles well-maintained and serviced. But, sometimes the unexpected can happen. If there’s a mechanical issue and your driver cannot fix it right away, you should be given access to professional coach mechanics who can resolve the issue for you ASAP. You should also have access to a replacement coach that will arrive right away or a full refund of your money.


#3 – Who Pays for the Driver’s Accommodations?
If you are chartering or renting a bus complete with someone to drive it, find out whether the company pays for the driver’s accommodations or whether you are expected to do so. It is more common for the rental company to pay for those accommodations; however, there are a few instances in which this may not be the case. Avoid any surprises by asking about this detail, before you agree to the rental contract.


#4 – Do I Reserve the Right to Cancel My Trip?
Cancellations are always a tricky subject. Sometimes, you might be able to cancel up to a certain point without any penalty. In other cases, cancellations may not be possible, and your best bet involves transferring your rental to another party. Choose a company that is as flexible as possible, just in case you have an emergency and you cannot make your trip. Ideally, you should get most of your money back if you cancel your booking well in advance.


#5 – May I See Your Proof of Insurance, ICC, and DOT Numbers?
With these three pieces of information, you can be 100% certain that the coach or bus rental company has met all the legal requirements to rent a vehicle to you. A company that will not provide this information – or a company that doesn’t have ICC or DOT numbers – is likely not a legitimate company, which means you should look elsewhere for your rental.


Renting a coach or bus can be exciting, especially if you want to visit places you’ve never been and just have fun with a large group without worrying about finding your way around. When you take the time to ask these five questions before signing a rental agreement, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.