Although a great deal of the VIP transportation provided to and from Chicago O’Hare is for politicians, celebrities, CEOs, and other high-profile people, the truth is that absolutely anyone can enjoy the luxuries at any time. If you need to travel from anywhere in or around the Chicago or Southern Wisconsin area to Chicago O’Hare, VIP transportation can provide an incredible experience. 

What Is VIP Transportation?

The term VIP transportation may make you think of long stretch limousines truly fit for a king or queen, but it’s actually much more than that. Coaches, mini-coaches, and SUVs can all provide a luxury experience when you choose the right transportation company for your needs. These vehicles can provide everything from heated leather seats to high-speed internet access and much, much more – things your typical taxi fare or bus ticket won’t cover. 

Safe & Reliable Trips 

Safety and reliability aren’t just reserved for VIPs, but it’s important to choose transportation that provides the safest drivers and most reliable vehicles available. After all, you want a driver who has all the proper licensing and certifications to navigate a full-size coach through the streets and highways of Chicago, and you also want a driver with a clear driving and criminal history. Similarly, you should ensure that the company you choose for your transportation follows a very strict maintenance schedule for its vehicles and cleans its vehicles thoroughly between each party. 

The Full Luxury Experience

Choosing VIP transportation to get you to Chicago O’Hare is about much more than sitting on comfortable seats. One important part of the VIP experience includes friendly and safe drivers. Your driver should be friendly and accommodating, and he or she should also be able to show you the most popular spots for dining and other activities upon your request. 

Another important consideration for the full luxury experience has to do with onboard restrooms. Although onboard restrooms may not seem “luxurious,” per se, they are an important part of the VIP experience – especially if you are traveling as a group. Access to clean restrooms negates the need to detour from your trip to the airport and ensures you arrive on time. 

Assistance with Planning Your Entire Trip

Finally, if you are not native to the Chicago area but you’d like to schedule in some time to see the sights before heading to Chicago O’Hare, corporate VIP transportation is the perfect choice. When you reserve your vehicle ahead of time, it’s possible to schedule stops at a variety of locations, whether you want to sightsee, take a break to stretch your legs, or even stop for a delicious Chicago-style pizza before you get on the plane. The possibilities are endless, and your driver should be accommodating and helpful, as well. 

VIP transportation isn’t just for presidents and big-name celebrities. In fact, many companies utilize luxury transportation to and from airports to make a good impression on potential business partners, vendors, and investors. Furthermore, corporate VIP transportation is ideal for providing your employees with a truly comfortable experience in and around Chicago, and many families utilize VIP transportation for providing themselves with a memorable experience.