How to Plan Your Event, Months in Advance

Whether you are arranging a company outing, organizing a group ski trip, or celebrating your wedding day, a little preparation can help make the process smooth and worry-free. Planning a big event is no small endeavor, but organization and choosing the right professionals to work with can help provide peace of mind.

Once the date of your event is decided, it’s important to create an event timeline and decide on a budget. The timeline will keep you focused and on-task, and make sure things are set in place for your event.

12-6 months out
Decide on the venue or location for your event. This might have been done in conjunction with the selection of your date, since often times these two important details are the overriding deciding factors in planning your event.

9 months to go
Book entertainment, speakers, and activities for your event. If it’s a corporate outing; what will keep employees engaged and involved? If it’s a wedding; do you want a band or a DJ? How about an officiant for the ceremony? If the event is a multi-stop affair, make sure each stop is planned out.

6 months away
Plan out a menu. Decide it will be a formal, sit-down menu or passed appetizers; food can definitely make or break an event. Book caterers early, to ensure your favorite ones are available.

3 months left
Arrange decorators, florists, or designers to make the chosen space beautiful and inviting.