Although a VIP transportation service driver (sometimes called a luxury car driver) is tasked with ensuring that his or her passengers arrive at their destinations safely and on time, they are also responsible for providing a comfortable experience. As such, VIP transportation drivers are very carefully selected. Here’s what the best companies look for in their drivers. 

A Clear Criminal History

VIP transportation drivers work with a wide range of people throughout their careers. While they may drive the CEO of a large company to and from a convention one day, they might be responsible for driving one of the world’s biggest celebrities or politicians the next. As such, when it comes to hiring VIP transportation drivers, background checks are a must. It should be every company’s primary goal to protect its clients and customers. 

A Great Driving Record

With the background check out of the way, the next thing that the best transportation companies check before hiring a driver is their driving record. Safety is a top priority, so only drivers who have impeccable driving records can be considered for these positions. A history of speeding, reckless driving, or distracted driving will exclude a candidate from being considered. 

A Friendly Demeanor

Nobody likes a grouchy driver,  so it’s important for VIP transportation drivers to have a friendly, courteous demeanor at all times. VIP transportation is a customer service-based business, which means drivers must be able to work with a wide range of people and personalities without losing their own friendly touch. Safety is absolutely essential, but when it comes to customer service, so is a friendly attitude. 

Knowledge of the Local Area 

The drivers responsible for transporting VIPs should also be familiar with the areas in which they will drive. For example, someone who will drive passengers to and from Chicago O’Hare International Airport must be familiar with the airport’ in order to provide the best possible experience. A driver who isn’t familiar with the highways and local streets will struggle to get their passengers to their destinations on time, and this can be frustrating or even deal-breaking for VIPs. 

The Ability to Read their Passengers

Part of providing a real luxury experience to passengers involves understanding what that experience might look like to different people. A celebrity’s ideal experience may look nothing like a congressman’s, and the best drivers have enough experience working with VIPs to easily read their passengers and provide them with the experience they expect. These are the drivers that make the experiences memorable. 

VIP transportation service drivers must meet a long list of qualifications. They need to pass a criminal background check and show proof of an immaculate driving record, of course, but that’s only the beginning. VIP drivers must be friendly, they must be familiar with the local areas they are driving, and they must also be able to read their passengers to provide them with the best and most personalized experiences possible.