Did you know that there are 1.8 million meetings and events very year in the U.S.? Are you organizing transportation for your team?

Whether it is a football team, corporate event, or school field trip, choosing the right mode of transportation is crucial. After all, you want to make sure that your team arrives at their destination safely, comfortably, and in on time.

Look no further than Midwest Motorcoach, we offer reliable and comfortable team travel transportation with a variety of options to suit every need.

Why Choose Midwest Motorcoach?

There are plenty of reasons why Midwest Motorcoach is a great choice for your team travel transportation needs. Firstly, our experienced drivers are well-trained professionals who value your safety above everything else. Our commitment to your safety means we always take every necessary precaution when transporting your team and remain updated with the latest health guidelines.

When your team boards a Midwest tour bus, we guarantee they will travel in absolute luxury. Our fleet is equipped with world-class amenities such as Wi-Fi, charging ports, air conditioning, and heating facilities.

This way, your team members can relax and enjoy the ride with all-round comfort. They can rest easy knowing that the luxury and comfort of our coaches make for a stress-free journey. A comfortable ride means that your teammates can arrive relaxed and confident for their events.

Charter Bus Rental

When it comes to transportation for large groups, charter bus rentals are your ideal choice. Midwest Motorcoach’s charter buses are spacious and can comfortably fit up to 56 passengers. This is perfect for teams traveling across states or long distances, as they can use on-board Wi-Fi to remain productive or just relax in comfortable reclining seats.

Our charter buses are well-maintained, ensuring quality travel and dependable service that you require. Our fleet features the latest in safety technology, from advanced braking systems to security cameras. Midwest Motorcoach offers only top-of-the-line motor coaches that will give your team a hassle-free travel experience.

Coach Bus Rental

If your team is looking for luxurious team travel options, look no further than Midwest Motorcoach’s coach buses. Suitable for smaller groups, our coach buses have room for up to 38 passengers, providing exclusivity and privacy.

Our coach buses have plenty of comfort amenities, including padded leather seating, entertainment systems, and mini-fridges that can provide the perfect environment for your team to discuss their upcoming events or just relax. This adds a touch of luxury that can keep your team in high spirits on their journey.

Mini Tour Bus Rental

As Midwest Motorcoach proclaims itself to be the leading installer when it comes to passenger transportation services. Our mini tour buses are your perfect team travel transportation option.

These smaller, stylish, road-savvy devices will provide the comfort, dependability, and unmatched technology that you need on your next trip. With seating for up to 24 passengers, these mini buses will take your team to their location and back in unrivaled and reliable transportation and comfort.

Our mini-tour buses are equipped with both television and DVD systems, so passengers can watch their favorite shows or sports events while traveling to their event destination. The vehicle’s climate control system helps maintain optimal temperatures, enabling passengers to relax and take in breathtaking scenery along the way.

Party Bus Rental

If you want to bring more enthusiasm and excitement to your team event by adding an element of fun, then Midwest Motorcoach’s party buses are the ideal transportation option. Our party buses represent the pinnacle of luxury travel maximized with entertainment. With complete sound systems, disco lights, and a dance floor, they will be engaged throughout their journey.

Surrounded by their teammates and immersed in the atmosphere of excitement and luxury that our vehicles provide, the fun they will experience while traveling together will be unforgettable.

Shuttle Bus Rental

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, comfort, and flexibility, shuttle bus rentals are the perfect choice for corporate events, weddings, or social gatherings. They have plenty of seats with ample luggage storage space that can cater to your transportation requirements. At Midwest Motorcoach, our shuttle buses can accommodate up to 24 passengers, so you can avoid the hassle of booking multiple vehicles.

Our shuttle buses offer comfortable seats, large windows to enjoy the scenery, ambient lighting, air conditioning, and PA systems making them ideal for lively group events such as corporate trips, weddings, and social events.

Tour Bus Rental

Nothing can beat touring a new city with your loved ones. Tour buses are perfect for larger groups or families traveling together that plan to be spending an extended time exploring new cities and lodging areas.

Our tour buses come with comfortable and adjustable seats, allowing the passengers to stretch out and enjoy the ride fully. They feature large windows and PA systems that engage passengers with fun facts on the city’s history and its current attractions.

Midwest Motorcoach tour buses have everything that you need for a great journey, as we ensure reliable travel, professional driver, and ensuring comfortable and upscale transportation arrangements.

VIP Transportation

When you need to impress your clients, VIP transportation gives an unrivaled experience that is unlike any other mode of transportation. Midwest Motorcoach’s VIP transportation services provide the utmost comfort, security, and convenience for travelers. Our coaches feature leather seats, additional legroom, and additional amenities, putting you in complete control.

Our luxurious RV-style coaches include private suites are among the most luxurious that the industry has to offer. They come with fully equipped kitchens, full washrooms, outdoor entertainment systems and utterly autonomous heating and air conditioning systems, ensuring exclusive and peaceful travel arrangements.

Wedding Shuttle Transportation

With more than 2 million weddings happening every year, wedding shuttle transportation can be a great way to take care of your guests and ensure their smooth arrivals at the wedding and reception venues. Midwest Motorcoach offers professionally operated shuttles that can make your guests feel special, whether arriving together or being shuttled from their lodging area to various events on the day.

Our highly experienced and caring drivers can take your guests to the wedding ceremony and the reception for a fun celebration without any hassle. Plus, with comfortable seating and on-board amenities, you can ensure that your guests will have a comfortable trip to remember.

Choose Midwest Motorcoach for Reliable and Comfortable Team Travel Transportation

At Midwest Motorcoach, we pride ourselves on being one of the best when it comes to team travel transportation. We offer reliable, comfortable, and safe transportation options for corporations, schools, sports teams, wedding planners, and individuals organizing social or group events. If you’re looking for a trusted transportation strategy for your respective outings or trips, don’t wait any longer.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to book your upcoming team event successfully.