While business trips can be nice getaways for those who do the traveling, it’s important to remember that it is a business trip, so productivity is still important. If you are chartering transportation for an upcoming business trip, either for yourself or for a colleague, internet access is a must. Here’s why. 

Time is Money

Ask any successful corporate businessperson and they will tell you that time is indeed money. Making the most out of every second of free time is critical to a company’s success. In fact, in some industries, a lack of connectivity for even half an hour can mean the difference between winning and losing a multi-million-dollar deal. When corporate clients are traveling to and from the airport, a hotel room, or even a restaurant, onboard internet access is an absolute must. It ensures that these individuals can stay connected at all times. 

Mobile Service Isn’t Always Reliable 

We live in a day and age of mobile technology that can keep us connected as we travel. Despite the improvements that have been made in the last couple of decades, though, it can be nerve-wracking to rely on mobile data alone. This is especially true when traveling; some areas may not offer enough coverage for specific carriers, and in other situations, certain features may not be available while roaming. This is yet another reason why chartered business transportation should always include onboard connectivity. 

It’s Expected

Not very long ago, riding along in a vehicle equipped with onboard Wi-Fi access was considered a luxury, and the vehicles that offered it were few and far between. These days, though, even personal vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi service provided via national hotspots or even satellite. Many corporate travelers have come to expect this feature and failing to provide it not only creates apprehension but could even have a negative impact on the business. Wi-Fi access is a feature that has come to be expected, so make sure the charter you choose provides it. 

It’s Ideal for Company Trips, Too 

More companies than ever before are chartering vehicles for their company-wide trips for the convenience and money savings it can provide. Entire teams regularly charter coaches to take them to and from hotels, conference halls, and other locations as a group. Even in situations like this, providing onboard Wi-Fi connectivity is crucial. This way, teams can stay in contact with their colleagues back home, continue to work with their clients, and even confirm various accommodations they will need on their trip. 

Onboard connectivity is critical for corporate VIPs and company-wide trips. It keeps companies in touch with their clients and customers, it keeps individuals in touch with their colleagues, and it ensures that traveling for business does not have a negative impact on operations.