Are you planning a group outing? One of the most challenging aspects for you, is probably organizing transportation. This means getting everyone together, getting to your destination safely, arriving on time, and all-the-while staying relaxed and comfortable. Chartering a mini-coach or larger luxury bus will provide you with the perfect solution to this – at a highly affordable rate as well.


What is a Charter Bus?

Charter buses are coaches that can be hired by sports teams, church groups, businesses, assisted living centers, schools and many other organizations. Charters are useful for families planning on hosting an event with a large group of people. Mini-coach charters are also useful for events or group outings. The number of passengers allowed on each type of bus can be found on our homepage: It is also possible to hire more than one charter bus, if an exceptionally large group is being catered for.


What Amenities are Available?

These days, virtually all charter buses have been equipped with various amenities and facilities to ensure that passengers are as comfortable as possible. Some of the most popular amenities on these vehicles now include:

  • Well-padded seating that can recline to various degrees
  • Air-conditioning and/or climate control facilities
  • A basic, compact restroom
  • DVD players
  • TV screens at different intervals between the rows of seats
  • Wi-Fi facilities
  • Power outlets for charging phones, laptops and other electronic devices
  • Ample overhead storage space to ensure that passengers aren’t cramped among their luggage
  • Some buses have been equipped with facilities that enable disabled passengers to travel comfortably such as electric ramps for wheelchairs


Keep Everyone Together

When a large group of people need to be at a specific venue at a predetermined time, this can create a logistical nightmare. It can also be frustrating due to parking and finding the venue itself. These issues will no longer be a problem for you when a charter bus is used. A charter will prevent traffic congestion around the venue. It will ensure all your attendees arrive at the same time, and stay together afterwards.

Large or small groups often require round-trip transportation. In cases where alcohol is being served at an event, it is also far too risky to let attendees drive themselves home afterwards. Charter buses are provided with drivers who are skilled and highly experienced, meaning that your guests will be delivered back home safely – and not have to worry about driving anywhere while under the influence of alcohol.


If you’ve been appointed to plan your church, school, company, family or any other type of group outing, we understand that passenger transportation is your main concern. You will not go wrong when hiring a charter bus. Your guests will thank you because they will be able to enjoy every part of the journey to and from the venue as well as enjoy the event to the fullest.